Cemetery Boys

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A trans boy determined to prove his gender to his traditional Latinx family summons a ghost who refuses to leave in Aiden Thomas's paranormal YA debut Cemetery Boys, described by Entertainment Weekly as "groundbreaking."

Yadriel has summoned a ghost, and now he can't get rid of him.

When his traditional Latinx family has problems accepting his true gender, Yadriel becomes determined to prove himself a real brujo. With the help of his cousin and best friend Maritza, he performs the ritual himself, and then sets out to find the ghost of his murdered cousin and set it free.

However, the ghost he summons is actually Julian Diaz, the school's resident bad boy, and Julian is not about to go quietly into death. He's determined to find out what happened and tie off some loose ends before he leaves. Left with no choice, Yadriel agrees to help Julian, so that they can both get what they want. But the longer Yadriel spends with Julian, the...

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this is legit my favorite book its great and the best transmasc representation ive seen so far. i would recommend this to everyone
03 February 2021 (20:51) 
I knew from the very first few pages of Cemetery Boys that I was going to love it so dearly.

Aiden Thomas lured me into their imaginative and vibrant narrative with an enchanting mix of mystery and magic, then hooked me on their winning characters. The sense of fall was immediate then, the swiftness and depth of it. I wanted to hold time like a breath in my chest, and never stop reading. When I turned the last page, I felt like something inside of me has cracked open, like a room with the windows all thrown wide open, eager to let in the gleaming sunlight, the fresh air, and the spring-morning warmth. That heady feeling of weightlessness, as though something heavy had been perched on my shoulders but had finally flown away.
28 March 2021 (13:37) 
Honestly speaking; it felt like I'm too old for this book and in my opinion this would be more to the taste of readers in their early teens.
Words that crossed my mind more times than I count ; lame , shallow , predictable.
Gives off good old Secret Seven vibes. Except instead of seven detectives there's (sort of ) three detectives ; a trans protagonist, a vegan girl whose moral obligations set her on a path of cruel free witchcraft and the spirit of one stubborn dead boy. The plot wasn't that much engaging or suspenseful . Was seriously considering giving up the whole thing within the first two chapters but then a dead boy's spirit came to life and I decided to stay awhile.
The introduction of the character Jules brings much secret chuckles , color and vibe to the story and also ;to me ; the main character Yadriel was very endearing in a dotting way . Even though all the characters have somewhat strong personalities I caught myself secretly applauding Mira's stupendous badassery . Her virtual middle finger at the authorities . Swearing at Lady Death within a church. 8p
If there's going to be a second part sure I'll give it a read .( but only because I read the first part , ha ! )
All in all ; predictable , but cute story and I half heartedly enjoyed it. And here's a spoiler ; feel safe to read the book . ( which is book code for....)
29 March 2021 (05:21) 
I adored this book- it was full of every kind of emotion. I truly felt the heartbreaks, joy, love and hate of every character, and guarantee that you will become attached to characters should you read this book. It has great cultural representation, which was educating, intriguing and exciting. I would recommend this book to everyone, but particularly those between the ager of 14-16 from marginalised backgrounds, because this book truly grasps what it feels like to feel different. It is also a gripping ghost story, with lots of twists and turns (oh my God the ending) so yes, read it!
06 June 2021 (20:57) 
a great book with great LGBT+, latin and marginalized teenagers representation. the story was kinda predictable to me, but it did'nt make the story less interesting, all the characters are lovely and it was a confortable reading.
15 September 2021 (03:54) 

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